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Monday, March 4, 2013

Prepare, Transform, Improve: Website Makeover

Practice Transformation Institute underwent its own transforming process recently as we undertook a total redesign of our website. As in any change process, we had to start where we were and ask ourselves numerous questions to lay the groundwork: What information to keep? What type graphics would we like to use? What keywords or phrases will people use to search for our services? What do we want it to look like and what DON’T we want it to look like? What company do we choose for designing it? What is our budget? How long will it take? Will the web company’s deadlines mesh with our internal workload? Who will maintain it once it is done? These and many other questions were discussed and bantered about. Once completed and we were testing it, more questions came up: Is the website easy to read?  Is it easy to navigate? How consistent are the graphics, typeface and content throughout the site? It took a team effort to make these decisions and more as every department was affected.

Was it work? Yes!
Was it fun? Yes!

And the new site was worth the effort. It looks fresh, is easy to navigate and allows PTI staff to update it as our program offerings change. We invite you to visit the site at  While perusing our new site, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in.  We’d love to hear what you have to say.