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Monday, June 1, 2015

Men’s Health Awareness Month

During the month of June we observe Men’s Health Awareness Month. The month is spent raising awareness among men, boys and their families about disease prevention, screening programs and education. Many people across the nation host “Wear Blue” events to spread the word about getting regular checkups, testicular/prostate cancer education and learn about other health issues that affect men. Building awareness can help men begin living a healthy lifestyle by encouraging them to make a wellness checkup with their health care provider and becoming more informed about their health by asking questions.

Did you know that men die younger than women and at higher rates from the top 10 causes of death? Some of these causes include heart disease, cancer, injuries, stroke, suicide and HIV/AIDS.  Men are also the victims of 92% of workplace deaths.  It is the hope that having a Men’s Health Awareness Month will encourage men to adopt healthier lifestyles that will help them live longer.  

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