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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Pharmacists Join the Care Management Team

Practice Transformation Institute has a program specifically designed to integrate Doctors of Pharmacy, Registered Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians into the interprofessional healthcare team.  Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians already contribute to the health and wellness of individuals and communities by being the medication experts. Studies have shown they are performing more patient care activities such as health coaching and medical therapy management in a variety of settings and spending less time in the traditional role of dispensing medications. Their role is expanding further to provide leadership in quality improvement initiatives and medication-related measures.

The ability to communicate and collaborate effectively as a member of the interprofessional practice team is essential to improve health outcomes and deliver safe and quality care to all patients. This course provides core competencies to become a member of a high-functioning, patient-centered team as students learn how to manage and use available resources to promote health improvement, wellness and disease prevention. It is a blend of online on-demand courses and one in-person training day. The many topics covered in this program include:

·         Introduction to Care Management Principles
·         Introduction to the Patient Centered Medical Home
·         Integration of the Community Pharmacist into the Practice Team
·         Linkage to Community Services
·         MQIC Evidence Based Guidelines for Diabetes, Heart Failure and Hypertension
·         Patient Registry
·         Group Visits
·         Transitions in Care
·         PatientPing
·         HEDIS
·         CMS STAR Ratings and HCC (Hierarchical Condition Categories)
·         Behavioral Health
·         Pharmacy Data Interpretation/Utilization/Cost

Pharmacists can affect the quality of patient care, increase access to care for patients and provide cost-effective care. They can make an impact on patients every day. Patients want pharmacists on their interprofessional healthcare team. Are your pharmacists ready? Contact Harmony at or 248.475.4736 for more information about bringing this innovative new program to your workplace or location of choice.