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Friday, January 15, 2016

**SPECIAL EDITION** Welcome to 2016!

Happy New Year and warm greetings from Practice Transformation Institute (PTI.) January 2016 has arrived and we hope that the business goals you’ve set for the New Year are already headed in the right direction. If you haven’t made a decision on what type of education or staff development programs that are needed for your employees, we’d like to help. In this January 2016 Special Edition of our newsletter, we would like to acquaint you with the programs and services that Practice Transformation Institute (PTI) currently offers.

PTI is a not-for-profit provider accredited by the Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS) to provide CME for physicians. We are also an International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) Accredited Provider and adhere to the highest standards of the training profession. Our training programs and continuing education can be delivered at your facility, a facility of choice, or at PTI’s training center in Madison Heights.

We have a wide range of educational programs for health care professionals that can be customized to fit your organization’s needs. The programs can be done in a live environment, online, or a combination of live and online blended learning.

Blended programs. Some of our current blended programs include:
  • Moderate Care Manager Training–The classes are designed to educate health care professionals in the specifics of primary care management for adult and pediatric patients with mild to moderate illness. The ultimate goals are to control and minimize risks associated with chronic conditions while helping to prevent the development of new chronic conditions in at-risk patients.
  • Adult Oncology Care Manager Training –You’ll get the general knowledge base and skill set provided in the moderate care manager training, along with addressing the specific needs of the adult oncology patient.
  •  High Intensity Care Manager Training – The program is built on the moderate care manager training, but with a focus on the needs of the high risk or geriatric patient. 
  • Care Management Training for the Community Pharmacist – This program is specifically designed to integrate Doctors of Pharmacy, Registered Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians into the interprofessional healthcare team.
Evidence-based programs. Our master trainers not only train new leaders, but provide these workshops to the community along with our leaders and yours. Do you want one of these workshops at your office or a community setting? Reach out to us and we’ll be glad to help your organization or work with your leaders.
  • National Diabetes Prevention Program –The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention established the National Diabetes Prevention Program to help prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes with lifestyle modifications. This year-long program helps participants make real lifestyle changes such as eating healthier, including physical activity into their daily lives, and improving problem-solving skills.
  •   A Matter of Balance– An eight week group intervention that teaches practical strategies to reduce the fear of falling and increase activity levels.
  • PATH (Personal Action Toward Health) Chronic Disease Self-Management Program and the Diabetes Self-Management Program – PATH is Michigan’s name for these two Stanford University programs that provide strategies for the day-to-day management of chronic or long-term health conditions. Workshops are six weeks long.
Custom learning programs designed for your organization. PTI is passionately committed to providing experiential learning for all levels of an organization.  Our goal is for an organization to realize meaningful, sustainable change and positive measurable movement towards established goals and objectives in a health care setting. If you’re interested in a custom program, let us know.We’ll design one specifically for your organization. PTI’s curriculum covers a wide variety of practice operations, team building and leadership topics such as:
  • Integration of Behavioral Health into Primary Care
  • Decoding CMS’s Hierarchical Condition Categories
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Introduction to the PCMH, Interprofessional Collaboration, Chronic Care Model, Population Health, Model for Improvement, Process Improvement, Group Visits
  • Self-Management Training, Shared Decision Making
  • Quality Improvement and Using Data to Drive Decisions
Udemy. PTI has chosen as our online learning platform. Udemy courses not only can be accessed through your computer, but directly from an iPhone, iPad or Android device after application download. We currently have three standalone courses available on and will continue to add new offerings.
Patient centered medical home. PTI has supported the patient centered medical home model of care from the beginning. Overall patient care improvements include reduced appointment wait times, better access to care, enhanced care coordination, increased patient satisfaction, reduction in emergency room visits, and improved rates of disease management.We can help facilitate the process toward NCQA’s national recognition.

CME co-providership program. Have you ever thought of attaching CME to your learning event? Let PTI help with our CME Co-Providership Program. Since we are accredited by the Michigan State Medical Society, we will make sure that your CME event is planned, implemented and evaluated in accordance with the MSMS accreditation requirements.What is the process for this? It’s not as hard as you might think. We would need to know the purpose and intended audience for the proposed CME program. Our CME Committee would evaluate if the proposed program qualifies as a CME activity. If it does, we would send out a Co-Provider Agreement. Once the agreement is signed and returned, the CME application and other CME documents would be emailed for completion and return to PTI. The CME Committee would go over all documents and any needed changes would be communicated to the co-provider. After appropriate changes are made, the documents are re-sent to the CME Committee for final approval.

Leadership retreats. Practice retreats can be offered at a site of your choice. Retreats can be designed for physicians, individual practice teams, or large groups of practice teams. Tailored training and more in-depth subject matter related to practice transformation will be developed upon request. Retreats can be designed for half-day to two day sessions, and more than one topic can be covered at a given retreat.Teams who have attended our leadership retreats find them energetic, entertaining and fun.

PTI is working on developing new programs for 2016. Stay tuned to hear more in future newsletters. Check out our website at and follow us on social media.
Remember that programs for your employees are an investment in your most important resource, your people.Just tell us what you want and we will take care of the details. We’ll come up with a plan that meets your organization’s goals and budget. Please contact Harmony Kinkle at or 248.475.4736 for more information.

We wish you a prosperous and wonderful 2016. Onward!

The PTI Team