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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Many may not know September is Baby Safety Month. With an 18 month old of my own, baby safety is very important in our household. This year the focus is on the product registration cards that come with baby products. It is required by law for many baby products to include a registration card.

Why register your baby products? According to

·         Through product registration, parents can establish a direct line of communication with the manufacturer should a problem arise with a product purchased.
·         If there is a safety announcement or recall associated with that product, the manufacturer can contact you directly, to provide further details on what to do with the recalled product.
·         Although recalls are announced and promoted in various ways, parents can miss public announcements. Product registration cards are an easy way for information to be provided to parents directly and efficiently.

2 easy ways to register

·         Mail in registration card that came with product
·         Visit manufacturer website and register item

Remember that although these may seem like a nuisance to fill out, it benefits everyone from the parent, child and manufacturer. Keep your little ones safe!